Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fighting the Darkness

As soon as I began to type this post, the electricity in my house went off and on like the blitz. I've written before on the power of the rosary as a sacramental, and now I wish to share with you the amazing power of the Miraculous Medal. 
As the history of the medal is committed to my memory and easily found on the Internet, I'll bypass that and relate only what has come to light in my own life regarding the use of the Miraculous Medal. Ever since we owned this house from the time it was built about 16 years ago, we have had some areas within the house which we referred to as dark portals. You would feel very uncomfortable around these portals, and from these areas of darkness certain members of my family experienced supernatural encounters from 'the other side.' Many blessings, holy water, and blessed salt helped to purify these dark areas from our midst, but one room in particular was afflicted. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I tried something new. In the aforementioned room, I used push pins and placed blessed green scapulars around the room on the walls. There have been no uncomfortable feelings or indications of darkness since. But for some time, I have been fighting with a dark presence in my room that comes and goes. For a while I experienced relief by placing a green scapular on the side table closest to its usual appearance. But it came back, and feeling lost for all things tried - holy water, blessed salt, holy oil, an Agnus Dei, saint relics, etc. - I knew I had to get it out of my room but the question of how remained. Here enters the Miraculous Medal.
I have been a member of the Association of the Miraculous Medal for almost a year now, and recently received my regular newsletter from the AMM about members' stories of the miracles of the Miraculous Medal. I read all kinds of things in the newsletter, but the most moving story was of how one woman was cured very recently with a Miraculous Medal. Although I always had one such medal handy, I hadn't worn one until recently when my metabolic pruritis miraculously subsided. After a year of intense affliction, I could wear my religious medals again around my neck. I noticed that when I wore the little Miraculous medal I had, the darkness shifted away from me if I approached it. After praying, I was giving to understand that this darkness in my room was the demon that afflicted me mentally for almost a decade, and it could no longer afflict me from inside as I now wore the medal. However, that didn't prevent it from trying. Since going into my room at evening time or night was becoming an ordeal, I prayed for help and heard a gentle, peaceful voice tell me to put a blessed Miraculous Medal on my desk. I wondered if it would indeed rid me forever of the demonic darkness as other sacramentals had not worked, but I was determined to try. I found one my mother had kept and placed it on the desk in determined faith. Indeed, it worked! I've not had any problems since; the room is as peaceful as a lovely summer's day.
A friend of mine who is more active than myself in Catholic causes repeatedly has told me the story of how he got a 'New Age' shop to be closed down a little border town of British Columbia, Canada. He was very outspoken against the false religion this shop encouraged and therefore was not welcome around that particular shopping area. But when the sidewalk was being redone and the new concrete was being poured, he had elderly friends that he gave blessed Miraculous Medals to which they dropped into the areas to be cemented and into the cement itself while reciting the rosary. After the new sidewalk was in, that shop closed within a month for lack of business.
These old traditions we have, the old sacramentals of the Miraculous Medal, pictures of the Sacred Heart, scapulars - there are many who think them 'outdated' or just plain unappealing. But wonders will happen if you open your heart to try using sacramentals out of love for God in order to grow closer to Him. Just when you think "that old thing" was a periodic religious fad now replaced by newer devotions like the Divine Mercy chaplet, you're in for a major news update. The news of an amazing miracle from "some old devotion" will cause you to reassess your opinion of such matters, after the words "I didn't know those still worked!" ejaculate from your mouth.