Saturday, December 10, 2011

High Hopes

Well, for all the prayers said to have the house sold by Christmas, no one has come and looked at it.  I have 5 ready made items still for sale in my shop, though I'm getting custom orders.  I hope they sell by Christmas.  Chaplet to St. Anthony, Infant of Prague, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Peregrine, and a 5 lot set of Divine Mercy decade chaplets.  I might just take them out of the shop and give them to relatives - not sure yet.  The ones I have in mind already have so many devotions that it would seem like imposing. Tomorrow we go to Arlington for Dominic's birthday party...and Christmas is coming up soon, with no reprisal on the moving issue.  Looks like a lot of packing. Wondering if I should post a few more specialty chaplets or custom type rosaries on the shop.  I am doing the 54 day novena of rosaries for the house to sell - the shop comes very much later in the list of priorities.  Still, it's a nice distraction.

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