Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dedicated To The Ones I Love....

Why does the pussy willow bleed
where the bark has been skinned
but the leaves remain green?

Happy 4th of July, everyone.

Last night I got to thinking about my family - my greatest earthly blessing aside from freedom and liberty.  I don't speak much of my brother and sister, but I thought I'd would do so now.  My dear, sweet sister Trish, whose birthday is only 18 months later than mine, is an exceptional woman.  A fantastic mother who has a wonderful talent at being a mother; an adoring wife, a loving sister, a devoted daughter...  Of all the pleasant people in the world, one of them that you should meet is my sister, Trish.  Thoroughly likable and lovable by all, even by people from different worlds, you could say.  A bit of frustration for me personally was understanding her decorative style, especially after she got married, had the three kids....she's a minimalist at heart, but pity her relatives aren't.  She keeps saying she has 'way too much stuff already' and not to get her or the kids non-practical things.  She's got a good head on her shoulders and a big heart...although, she says that could stand to be extended by "two more feet" :)  A very thorough parent - nothing is given or used by the kids until it has been extensively researched.  She's more disciplined than I am - who would have expected that?!  We grew up like Oscar and Felix - I was the tidy, organized one.  But with all the health set backs in childhood, she grew into a strong woman.  She's definitely the 'poster girl' for JRA: what doesn't kill you can make you stronger as long as you're willing to not let it cripple you.

To my brother, who started out as early in life in politics as I did the convent - he's one of a kind!  Ask most people who've met him, and the word that pops to mind is sarcastic.  It is both a helpful asset and an a character flaw.  He's the realist.  Called a pessimist and an optimist, he sees the glass as containing 5/7ths of its capacity.  It's just the way things are.  We're a lot alike, Will and I, but he's gotten tired of me saying "I know!" to everything he talks about.  And then again, we are different - he's a strategist (I retired), politics and religion are not just his bread and butter but his heart and soul.  Try talking to me about politics and religion in depth and I just tune out.  He's a fair-minded person who will always hear your side even if he doesn't agree with you.  He loves debate. Real debate, not arguing.  He loves his nephews dearly and his new little niece, Ellie.  He'd make a wonderful father.  I always look at him at least once when he's home for the weekend and wonder who he'll marry.  My bet is on a Russian or Japanese, but when it comes to the odds, I've no money to gamble.  Where I gave up for my sanity's sake, he kept to the road in his life on political campaigns because no matter what, that's what he wants to do in life.  There are times when he comes home for a break and crashes that I wonder if it would be feasible for him to get an MA and become a political professor.  But he's a doer.  He does a lot of background work, but you'll see him from time to time with some candidate on the news.  Even when I was a nun, the sisters kept saying "Someday that kid will be president and I'm going to vote for him!"  His strength of character enables him to be the ideal political advisor in every way.

Well, that leaves mom and dad, but I think I'll stop for now and see what they respond with to what I've written.  Be safe, everyone!  Fireworks are NOT toys - they are dangerous.  And don't booze up 'til you're drunk!  Every 48 seconds, some drunk person causes another person to end up using a handicapped parking space.

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